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I did not get the idea for this from any books, except of course from the Bible itself. It was the Holy Spirit moving in me that caused this dream. I was also inspired to do this by images on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html. As you can see it's a NASA website and it shows all kinds of wonderful pictures of the cosmos. (You might visit this site to see what I'm talking about. Look in the Archive at the bottom of the screen and pick out a few of the past pictures. ) So as I looked at these pictures I kept thinking about the God who created it all. Since God exists "outside" of Creation, and since God is infinite, it seemed natural to picture God as holding an infinite number of finite universes on the tip of His finger. (I am not necessarily saying that God created an infinite number of universes, though He may have. Who can know it?) The dream is an excerpt from a biblical commentary, Solid Food for the Mature Believer, which includes a discourse on the being and nature of God.


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